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Olga Mercedes Bautista has been experimenting with a new approach to environmental art for the past years. Bautista started collecting a variety of plastic bags used by merchants. The action of collecting tree barks and plastic is important to the work on display. Bautista’s interest in re-appropriating nature consists in creating new forms by blending organic debris with plastic. A blending process is obtained by bonding layers of the tree bark, leaves, and plastic debris to mold a new plastic tree bark.

    She wanted to show how the plastic which is used by merchants to package the products they sell reveals the consumerism and materials that represents society’s way of living.  Installing those plastic materials in a new space can transform the space. Artificial barks become consumer products.


Environmental Art

Her Environmental Art addresses the daily stress of individuals when facing a global crisis that is affecting us all. Through her sculptures, she wants to contribute to a greater climate change awareness as it may affect us all in the near future and reach a point of no return.


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Environmental anxiety with new forces of art forms


Reconstructing Sandy Series Project

She believes that an object taken out of the natural environment in which it was born can adapt. It can expand to become a force within its  surroundings by appropriating a new identity while maintaining its own individuality. Its original plasticity will become a new artistic expression.



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Sandy: Tree trunk branch peals found in Keyport after Hurricane Sandy. 10” x 7” x 6”

After Sandy. Tree branch found in the New Jersey Coast after Hurricane Sandy.

Bautista creates sculptures that use all natural materials collected after the intense devastation of hurricane Sandy.

Traces. Raffia palm and jute. 12” x 11” x  9”

Traces. Raffia palm and jute. 12” x 11” x 9”

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After Sandy

branch found in the New Jersey Coast after Hurricane Sandy.

20” x 13” x 10

Basquet. Rush, cane, bamboo, 59” x 9” x 6”

Basquet. Rush, cane, bamboo, 59” x 9” x 6

OlgaMBautista_SeriesBonding WithPlastic.jpg

Bonding with Plastic Series


Bonding With Plastic

Photographs, as part of installation

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Invisible / Visible